Book 2 – Amy Takes The Cake – Phonics For Us! Series is Live!

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Book 2 – Amy Takes The Cake – Phonics For Us! Series is Live!

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Amy Takes The Cake is the second book in the Phonics for Us! series.


What is the book be about?

When Sally and her moms go to visit the zoo, they think the new ape exhibit will be the funniest part of their day…but they are in for a big surprise! Join Sally and her moms as they explore the zoo and learn about the long “A” sound!


When will the book be ready?

We at WeLiveHereToo Publishing have released Amy Takes the Cake on Amazon in both paperback and kindle format.


How can I buy the both versions?

Click link below to purchase the book in paperback and kindle version.


Buy_Now-Phonics For Us

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About Author



About The Author: Jennifer Sendling-Ortiz is a homeschooling mother of four awesome kids – Zoe, Niko, Manny, and Violet. Teaching them to read is among her most memorable experiences, but she always wished for early readers that reflected her own family structure. Phonics for Us is her way of bringing the world of phonics education to alternative households…and to families that believe in the importance of early diversity education.

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